Raw Materials FAQ

Questions about Immuno-Viva? Your direct questions are encouraged, but see FAQs below, and additional FAQs are also available.

What is GMO?

Genetically Modified Organisms (plants or animals) that are created using biotechnology. GMO materials are genetically engineered and cannot occur in nature.

What raw materials does Immuno-Viva use?

Primarily oils and nutri-powders produced from cold-pressed fruit, vegetable and herb seeds.

Does Immuno-Viva use products that are GMO?

Immuno-Viva does not use genetically modified materials.

What about specific product raw materials?

Our NatureFRESH Cold-Press™ seed oils are 100% seed oil with no additives (or heat) added. Likewise, our nutri-powders are defatted seed fiber without additives.

  • CORE Oil contains natural vanilla flavor
  • Immuno-Viva capsule products are encased in gelatin capsules

How are Immuno-Viva raw materials produced?

*NatureFRESH Cold Press™, the cold pressed process of Immuno-Viva is the extrusion process used to extract the oil from the seed. This process is mechanical only, relying on pressure to “squeeze” the oil out of the seed. At no time are water or solvents of any kind used in this process.

Are Immuno-Viva products nut free?

The NatureFRESH cold-pressed seed oils and nutri-powders used by Immuno-Viva are not made from, do not come in contact with, and do not contain nuts.

Are Immuno-Viva products gluten-free?

All of our products are gluten-free.

Are your products appropriate for a vegan lifestyle?

CORE Oil is suitable for those with vegan and vegetarian diets.

I prefer to use only certified organic materials.

Renew Anti-Aging Serum™ is certified organic. The Black Cumin (nigella sativa) Seed Oil and Black Cumin Seed Nutri-Powder used in multiple Immuno-Viva products is also certified organic.

If you have questions, let us know!

We are always happy to share information, address questions and quote materials. We can be reached at info@immunoviva.com!