Immuno-Viva Boost

Immune System Booster

imgBoostImmuno-Viva® Boost offers much needed support for your immune system.* Immuno-Viva developed Boost alongside doctors from the University of Minnesota, whose research shows that Boost*:

  • Provides a wealth of antioxidant activity*
  • Helps fight against free radicals*

Boost contains all natural black raspberry and black cumin seed flours, both rich in antioxidant activity, which help support the body and immune system.*
Boost’s combination of flours creates a water-soluble antioxidant product that works complimentary to the oil soluble components of Core. These two products, taken together, provide even greater immune support than either one alone can achieve.*

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Immuno-Viva Boost Immuno-Viva Boost 60 capsules
650 mg each
2 capsules daily
30 per container
$19.95 Retail
$16.95 Savings Club

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