Omega 3 Benefits*

seed_PomegranateAmericans have a fat deficiency. It sounds crazy, right? But it’s true — the average American diet is lacking certain types of healthy fats. Not the type we get from fast food — but Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids. Our bodies can’t produce them on their own and their addition to our diets helps to maintain a healthy lifestyle.*

We normally get Omega 3s by eating fish (recommended 2 servings per week), or certain fruits and vegetables (5 servings per day). But few Americans get anywhere near that.

Researched Omega 3 benefits include:

  • Heart support*
  • Immune system support*
  • Skin and hair support*
  • Brain support*
  • Mood support*
  • Helps support eye health*

The first Omega 3 benefits were initially identified in 1970 by scientists studying the Inuit in Greenland. Their research pointed to large amounts of these essential fatty acids in a diet consisting almost entirely of high-fat fish as a possible reason for the nation’s ability to maintain heart health.* When compared to America today, it can be challenging for some to get enough Omega 3s into their diets.*  By supplementing the diet with Omega 3s, we can better support our heart health.*

Since that initial study, over 14,000 research papers have been published on the many health benefits of Omega 3 and 6. Many of the Omega 3 benefits found in these studies are listed near the top of this page.

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