NatureFRESH Cold-Press™ Process

Immuno-Viva®’s ingredients retain their natural power and goodness from start to finish. Our NatureFRESH Cold-Press™ process gently presses and separates the seeds into oils and flours without the use of heat or chemicals. It is done in an inert atmosphere, absent of oxygen to preserve the natural character of the oils. The result is a product that is exceptionally pure and nutritionally rich.

This method of cold-pressing seeds is not commonly used in the United States due to the higher cost of extraction. But it also yields the most powerful and nutritionally rich oils and flours, maximizing the health benefits. Other manufacturers process their products with harsh chemicals, synthetic stripping, and high temperatures that compromise the botanicals’ inherent nutritional properties. Heat extraction destroys valuable enzymes and nutrients. Worse, chemical extraction can leave a harmful residue in the final product. Immuno-Viva takes no short cuts. The entire mechanical extraction process is done at low temperatures and is chemical-free. In fact, it has been certified organic. Mother Nature would be proud.

The end result is pure, highly powerful oils and flours that make up our line of natural supplements. You can be sure you’re getting the purest, most natural products geared to help you stay healthy.