Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly are free radicals and why are they bad for you?

Free radicals are like rust in our body. They are molecules with an unpaired electron, in search of another electron. They steal electrons from healthy cells, eventually breaking down cellular membranes and damaging their fragile contents. Scientists refer to this process as Oxidation, and the cellular damage it causes is known as Oxidative Stress. It is the same sort of reaction that takes place as metal rusts, or as a banana turns brown, only it is happening inside our bodies. While a certain level of free radical activity is normal, high levels can be harmful. Click here to learn more about the dangers of free radicals and the benefits of antioxidants.

What sorts of people are most prone to having too much free radical activity?

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to generalize. We know that many aspects of modern living contribute to a free radical imbalance: a stressful job, lack of exercise, exposure to airborne toxins in the environment, and perhaps most importantly, an unhealthy diet. In addition, hereditary factors can also be involved. And as we age, the free radical activity in our bodies accelerates. Free radicals impact everyone, but along with certain lifestyle changes, Immuno-Viva’s products give us the ability to fight back.

What are antioxidants and how do they help?

Antioxidants clean up free radicals within our bodies. Immuno-Viva Core is designed to help people live healthier lives. Immuno-Viva Core is unique because of the high level of lipid (fat) antioxidant activity.* Lipid antioxidant activity has been found to be most active in helping fight free radicals.* And when combined with water soluble antioxidant activity found in Boost, Recovery and Smart, it provides even more powerful health support.*

What are essential fatty acids like omega 3 and omega 6, and what do they do?

Essential fatty acids (EFAs) are vital components in our diet because we cannot manufacture them in the body. A diet lacking EFAs can lead to poor health.There are two distinct types of EFAs: omega-3 and omega-6. Both types are polyunsaturated, and contain double bonds between carbon atoms, but the location of these double bonds differ and we cannot convert one type, omega-6, to the other type, omega-3. As a result, getting the right balance between omega-3 and omega-6 EFA’s in the diet is important.Because our diets are rich in fat and oils, it is commonly assumed that we receive enough EFAs. However, the typical American diet does not provide enough of them, and because EFAs are very unstable, frying and storage will cause significant losses. Immuno-Viva’s NatureFRESH Cold Press process has the advantages of preserving EFAs, antioxidant activity and other vital phytochemicals, making Core and Ease great sources of Omega 3 and Omega 6.

Are Immuno-Viva products really natural?

The oils and flours in Immuno-Viva products are derived from fruit, vegetable, and herb seeds which are also consumed as foods. These are nutrient dense, super powerful complexes with pure natural ingredients. Botanic Innovations has developed a proprietary manufacturing process called NatureFresh™ Cold Press which extracts nutrient rich plant seed oils in an oxygen deprived inert environment. This results in extra virgin seed and plant oils without the use of solvents, bleaching agents or damaging high temperatures. The antioxidant activity, essential fatty acids, and vitamins are preserved unlike ingredients which are processed in a high heat environment.

Are Immuno-Viva products organic?

The ingredients in Immuno-Viva are sourced from the highest quality raw materials and are evaluated continuously for quality. No solvents or chemicals are used in our certified organic manufacturing process, and no artificial preservatives are added to the products. However, sources for certified organic raw materials are not readily available for some of the ingredients, so the products themselves are not certified organic.

Some reports I’ve read say that antioxidants that come naturally in food are good, but those in supplement form are not. Is that true?

This is true for some antioxidant supplements, but not Immuno-Viva. There are a couple of reasons why some antioxidants work better than others. Firstly, there is growing scientific evidence that multiple diverse antioxidants are more effective than single types in neutralizing the many different forms of free radicals in the complex chemical structures of our body. Many over the counter supplements are made of isolated antioxidants. Secondly, harsh processing can greatly reduce the effectiveness of an antioxidant. Again, many antioxidant supplements are extracted with the help of heat or chemicals and put together in products with binding agents and dessicants to hold the composition together. Those processes have been found to hinder antioxidant effectiveness and bioavailability.Immuno-Viva products are gently extracted from the most nutrient dense part of the plant, and laboratory tests confirm their extraordinarily high total antioxidant activity and nutrient level.

Is there such a thing as too much antioxidant intake?

Yes, it is possible to take too many antioxidants, especially taking too much of a single type of antioxidant such as vitamin E or C. An excessive amount of antioxidants can actually cause pro-oxidation or cause creation of free radicals. As in everything, moderation is a good guide. There is less danger of pro oxidation with Immuno-Viva products, however, because they contain many different forms of antioxidants having different properties and functions as opposed to a heavy dose of a single type of antioxidant.

Why should I take Immuno-Viva products? What good will they do?

There are six good reasons to take Immuno-Viva Core.

  1. It is a powerful antioxidant activity complex with essential Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids.*
  2. It provides immune support.*
  3. It provides cardio-vascular support.*
  4. It helps fight Free Radicals.
  5. It’s completely natural thanks to natural ingredients and our proprietary cold-pressed process.
  6. Immuno-Viva Core lets you take responsibility for your own health.

The other Immuno-Viva products are also pure, natural products derived from the seeds of nature. Each of these has been formulated to help people with specific needs.

Are there any side effects to taking Immuno-Viva products?

Since Immuno-Viva is made from foods, there are no known serious side effects. Some people, however, find the taste of Immuno-Viva Core to be objectionable or they are not comfortable swallowing a teaspoon of oil. The oil can be taken with a solid food such as yogurt, a cracker or on a salad, or incorporated into a drink, smoothie or even ice cream. Another side effect is slight discomfort from belching and acid reflux. So far, no known allergies have been reported or any other side effects.

Are there any drugs that shouldn’t be taken alongside Immuno-Viva products?

As with any dietary supplement, consult with your physician if you have a medical condition or are taking medications, prior to taking Immuno-Viva.

I am training for a marathon. Is Recovery able to help me train longer or harder?

Recovery is designed to provide a very broad range of benefits through its antioxidant activity. Recovery also provides natural support against muscle soreness and fatigue.*

I am just starting to take up running. My runs are just 1-3 miles. Is Recovery helpful even to me?

Yes, Recovery is helpful for any exercise program and as well as meeting the stresses created by active living schedules.

I’ve been taking Immuno-Viva Core for a year and now I’m pregnant. Should I stop taking it?

As recommended with all dietary supplements, Immuno-Viva should not be taken if pregnant, lactating, on medication or under a physician’s supervision without approval.

My doctor tells me that all diet supplements are a waste of time and money. What evidence do you have that I can take to him to justify taking Immuno-Viva?

While not all dietary supplements are equal, there is an overwhelming level of scientific evidence that the ingredients of Immuno-Viva can support healthy nutrition. We recommend you show your doctor the supplement facts panels and the product information sheets for the products you are taking. Both are available on this website.

Where can I buy Immuno-Viva products?

Immuno-Viva is available for sale at the web site It can be shipped anywhere in the US by US Postal. For orders over 300.00, shipping is free, as well as for purchasers who sign up for automatic renewal. It can be shipped to most locations internationally by UPS. Immuno-Viva can also be ordered by telephone by calling toll free 1.800.719.9878.
Immuno-Viva products are also available on

Are there any clinics or pharmacies where I can buy Immuno-Viva products?

Immuno-Viva is increasingly available from clinics, pharmacies, healthcare practitioners, wellness centers and specialty retailers. If you would like your professional health office to carry the Immuno-Viva products, please feel free to refer them to our website or have them call 1.800.719.9878.

What is the shelf life of Immuno-Viva Core?

Because of the high antioxidant activity, Immuno-Viva has good shelf life stability.* When stored out of sunlight and under ordinary room temperature conditions, it has a shelf life of 18 months. However, to maintain the high antioxidant activity and freshness, it is recommended that it be refrigerated once opened.