Benefits of Antioxidant Properties*

splash_botanicoilOne of the main benefits of antioxidant activity is its ability to help support against free radicals and support against oxidative stress in the body.*

Poor diet, an unhealthy lifestyle, stress, and other elements of our environment can increase the exposure of free radicals to our bodies. Free radicals are like pick pockets. They steal electrons from cells, breaking down cellular membranes. Scientists refer to this process as Oxidation, it causes Oxidative Stress.

Just as a banana slowly turns brown, our bodies can feel the effects over time as free radicals accumulate in our systems. Proactive support against free radicals can affect good health.*

Health Benefits of Antioxidant Properties*

Fueling our bodies with antioxidant properties supports good health.* Studies show that one of the main benefits of antioxidant properties is the ability to help support against free radicals.* Furthermore, supplementing the diet with antioxidant properties can promote healthy living.* This makes antioxidant activity a crucial element in supporting the body and living a healthy lifestyle.* The problem is that the majority of people don’t eat enough of the right kinds of foods to get all of the benefits.*

All Immuno-Viva® products are packed with powerful antioxidant activity, and taking them as daily supplements can help support against free radicals.*