Patents Pending

Underscoring the scientific rigor and innovation of our products and processes, Botanic Innovations has several patents pending.

The Company submitted a patent application in 2005 making claims for the use of a proprietary blend of black raspberry seed oil and black cumin oil as a dietary supplement to support the immune system.* As of this date, the US Patent Office has not responded and no patent has been granted.

In 2006 a provisional patent application was submitted when a discovery was made that black cumin oil acts synergistically with other oils to create a super-powerful antioxidant oil.* Subsequently in 2007 a full patent application was submitted entitled Creation of Super Potent Antioxidant Cold Pressed Oils through Synergy. This patent was granted in April, 2011.

Also in 2006 a patent application was submitted through the University of Maryland for Use of Cold-Pressed Edible Seed Oils, Flours and /or Blends and/or Blends. Under a license agreement, the Company has the exclusive rights to the invention which is based on research work by Dr. Liangli (Lucy) Yu and Mark Mueller.

Building Better Botanicals

The University of Wisconsin-Madison, September 2016
When Mark Mueller founded Botanic Innovations in early 2000, he was selling plant-seed oils a gallon at a time, largely to home-based skin-care businesses. Today, Spooner-based Botanic Innovations, LLC has 15 employees, manufactures skin-care products and dietary supplements, sells plant-seed products to manufacturers by the barrel, and has partnered to move its products by the container load into Asian markets.

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