Immuno-Viva Origin Story

Mark MuellerIn 1999, Mark Mueller founded Botanic Innovations with a mission: to create natural supplements and skin care products that will help people all over the world live healthier lives. Mark took a cold-press process that was initially being used in other applications and applied the same technology to extract natural oils from fruit and plant seeds. The result was super-powerful oils with antioxidant activities that were also high in Omega 3 and Omega 6 essential fatty acids. After much research and experimentation, Mark believed his team had created a natural supplement with powerful health benefits. However, it wasn’t until he found an equally innovative figure, Dr. Dan Saltzman, that he became aware of the full potential of the oils.

When Dr. Saltzman learned about the supposed health benefits of Mark’s natural supplement, the traditional physician inside him was skeptical. As fate would have it, the pioneering researcher within him urged him to be open-minded. He received samples of Immuno-Viva® Core from Mark and began conducting laboratory studies. The results were astounding. Being a true skeptic, Dr. Saltzman raised an eyebrow and repeated the experiment to see if it was an anomaly. The results were consistent.

Over time, Dr. Saltzman, the chief of pediatric surgery at the University of Minnesota medical school, developed an extensive body of research on Immuno-Viva’s natural supplement, and his skepticism was overcome. Immuno-Viva Core was proving to be a natural product with remarkable capabilities. Through his studies, the doctor found Immuno-Viva Core capable of supporting the immune system, supporting heart health, and helping to fight against free radicals. *

Encouraged by these findings, Dr. Saltzman is eager to introduce others to the powerful capabilities of Immuno-Viva and to provide people with better quality of life. Extensive research is still being conducted to understand the full potential of Immuno-Viva’s natural supplement, Core. And we have developed an entire line of powerful products with antioxidant activity.