Spooner Advocate Feature on Botanic Innovations

Visit the Spooner Advocate Website to read the article, “Botanic Innovations presses the seeds’ vitality” by Frank Zufall. http://www.spooneradvocate.com/news/business/article_4dc25c50-93e8-11e3-8e51-001a4bcf887a.html

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Ultimate Immune Support Health Combo

Boost‘s combination of seed nutri-powders creates a water-soluble product that works complimentary to the oil soluble components of Core Capsules. When taken together, these two products aid even greater immune support than either one alone can give.* And they have been clinically tested to support heart health.*

Looking for Products Containing Nigella Sativa, Black Seed or Black Cumin Seed Oil? They are here!

CORE Liquid and CORE Capsules both contain Nigalla sativa, also referred to as “Black Cumin Seed Oil”. If you are looking for Nigalla sativa powder, BOOST & RECOVERY both contain Black Cumin Seed Nutri-Powder (Nigella sativa seed powder).